Air Operated Sand - Shot Blast Cleaning Machines.

- -  Cabinet Type Shot Blasting Machines.

a).  Super Honing Cabinets

Special feature of Super Honing Cabinets is continuity in blast cycle. Therefore much suited for in-line blast cleaning of light and medium jobs for higher output.  These cabinets are supplied with abrasive cleaning and dust collecting systems to ensure homogeneous finishing.  Super Honing Cabinets can be designed to meet your specific production requirements.

Ultra Blasting Cabinets

Ultra Blasting Cleaning Cabinets are based on direct pressure feed principle to achieve higher production rate.  Fabric bag dust collector is a standard supply with the cabinet. Special cabinets with job handling device for heavy or awkward item are also available.

Hydro Honing Cabinets


Hydro honing Cabinets slurry (fine abrasives suspended in liquid) as an abrasive media is used for blast finishing.  Hydro honing Cabinet is recommended for precise finishing and cleaning applications.  Slurry pump and exhauster are supplied with these machines

Custom Made Cabinets

Special purpose cabinets :
Apart from standard models, we can design sand blasting cabinets as per customerís requirements with material handling systems and automation in blasting process